Character Design Cult

I am currently working on my MFA research on how to create cult character designs, that would be adored and fetishized by the audience. There is not so much written knowledge on that topic, so I decided to contact professors from other departments and ask them weird question, like: "I know, you are Fashion and Luxury Marketing professor, but by any chance don't you know how to create a cult character?" That was awkward and funny, especially since I am not a native English speaker. 

The results were absolutely amazing. People from Advertising, Marketing, Fashion, Jewelry, Game Design and many other fields expressed their interest and started to share their ideas. 

Just thinking about it makes me wonder, isn't all Design just about creating symbols? The short answer on my question "How to create a cult character" is:

Create a symbol of a cult character. Make that symbol to be your character.

For the longer and very practical explanation, please, wait for my research to be finished.

My Illustration of May Holidays for the Marketing Department of "RIO", the largest chain of shopping malls in Russia.

"Fifty shades of Pink", Expression sheet of Rose.

Flower Character Designs, by Steph Dvoyak

Best wishes,

Russian Steph